Woorbel is a brand specialising in the development of bearings and accessories for the aluminium enclosure sector and more specifically, sliding windows with top or bottom guides, as well as folding windows.

One of Woorbel's defining features is its expertise in customised projects, the commitment to technical innovation and the foray into the use of new materials and finishes is part of the brand's philosophy.

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Woorbel's business competitiveness model is based on the search for excellence and progress. These principals, along with its policy of acceptance and a propensity to change, has allowed it to evolve in a way that is in line with changing market requirements.

So much so that it has developed a great ability to adapt its full range of products to the multiple needs of its customers.

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Woorbel's commitment to quality is reflected down to the finest details in its products, regardless of the group, model or specific features of each bearing.

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Sliding bearings

Woorbel's range of bearings perfectly meets the demanding requirements of the market.

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Fixture system for side sliding systems

Woorbel sells sliding carriages for upper guides and an entire range of associated accessories.

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Fixture system for central chamber sliding systems

Woorbel has a wide range of hinges and fixtures for central chamber sliding systems.

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Fixture system for European chamber folding windows and doors

Woorbel completes their range of products, with several fitting systems for doors and European chamber folding windows

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Catalogue Woorbel

Check out our corporate catalogue and discover the range of Woorbel products.

Finishes for bearings

We offer different solutions in order to prevent corrosion that may arise from sudden changes in temperature, as well as excess salinity, water or moisture, among others.

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Thermal bridge rupture

The thermal bridge rupture prevents the inner and outer layer of the aluminium from coming into contact with each other. A system that saves energy and provides ample thermal and acoustic insulation.

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Woorbel carries out a feasibility analysis of all its products, always obtaining the best solution for each customer.



Woorbel's R & D & i department works to obtain and develop new knowledge that increases the technical capabilities of its products.



All Woorbel products feature a highly efficient design based on the concept of safety.



Thanks to Woorbel's rigorous quality policy, the highest satisfaction is guaranteed in all its products and finishes.

Range of products

Discover our wide range of products: bearings and accessories for sliding and folding windows

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