Sliding bearings

Woorbel's range of bearings perfectly meets the demanding requirements of the market, whether with or without thermal rupture, anti-corrosion or in small or large sizes, ensuring excellent performance in terms of weights and sliding movement at all times.

One of Woorbel's distinct features is its capacity to customise its system according to each customer's specific needs.

Main features

  • Frame, wheel tracks and rotary axis manufactured in 6063T5 aluminium.
  • Option of anodic finish for the entire product.
  • Needle bearings with the option of a Corrotect® finish.
  • AISI 420 stainless steel 6 and 8 mm wheel axis.
  • A2 stainless screws throughout the entire system.
  • Manufacture of the wheel using extruded special resins that are highly resistant to wear owing to weight-bearing crushing and friction.


Woorbel's range of products is designed to meet the various demands of the sector, and provides its customers with different solutions in order to prevent corrosion that may arise from sudden changes in temperature, as well as excess salinity, water or moisture, among others.


The Corrotect® coating is one of the most effective solutions in this respect, thanks to the protection provided to the to the bearing rolling and sealing surfaces from oxidation, thanks to the application of a thin electrolytic coating.


Anodic corrosion is the most effective anti-corrosive protection on the market, thanks to the fact that this involves a defense method acting from the surface aluminium layer inwards.
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Thermal bridge rupture

The thermal bridge rupture prevents the inner and outer layer of the aluminium from coming into contact with each other. This system also prevents the appearance of deformities, saves energy, limits condensation and provides ample thermal and acoustic insulation.

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Woorbel Sliding bearings

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