Woorbel is a brand specialising in the development of bearings and accessories for the aluminium enclosure

sector and more specifically, sliding windows with top or bottom guides, as well as folding windows.

A reference in the world of bearings and accessories

In 2015, Grifell Pons S.L. , within the framework of its business strategy, acquired the Rodabloc brand, as well as its know-how, leading to its decision to introduce a new brand name that aside from illustrating the start of a new era based on continuous improvement, has also facilitated its international expansion.

This led to the creation of Woorbel, a brand with the backing of Grifell Pons S.L.’s technical engineering knowledge, professionalism and experience of as well as Rodabloc's track record in the bearing and associated accessory sector.

At Woorbel, the concept of quality is applied across all levels. The methodological rigour and complexity of its technical and technological knowledge are applied to all its processes, products and procedures. Its R & D department is introducing a successful strategy for identifying and developing new products and processes, as well as improving any already in the process of being applied or marketed.

Welcome to Woorbel!

We impress the spirit of a great team to our products.


The commitment to technical innovation and the foray into the use of new materials and finishes is part of the brand's philosophy. This business vision has a direct impact on the quality of the end product, therefore boosting the development of the aluminium enclosure sector.

Customised projects

One of Woorbel's defining features is its expertise in customised projects, despite the broad range of all the products already featured in its catalogue. However, it is worth mentioning that these also undergo a rigorous customisation process.


Woorbel has a huge catalogue of references or products available to its customers. This, along with its broad versatility, in terms of materials and finishes as well as measurements, makes it an excellent choice to successfully meet the diverse and changing needs of the market.


All this is possible thanks to the professionalism and dedication of a highly cohesive team that always takes each customer's needs and requirements into account when dealing with a new project.