Woorbel Solutions

Woorbel's range of products is designed to meet the various demands of the sector, and provides its customers with different solutions in order to prevent corrosion that may arise from sudden changes in temperature, as well as excess salinity, water or moisture, among others.


Using needle bearings with a Corrotect® finish.


Frame, wheel track and rotary axis anodising.


White wheel

Bearing (white wheel) and aluminium frame that has not been treated.

Black wheel

Bearing with Corrotect® finish (black wheel) and aluminium frame that has not been treated.

Black wheel + anodising

Bearing with Corrotect® finish (black wheel) and anodised aluminium frame.


Woorbel's technology allows the manufacture of 6063T5 extruded aluminium-based sliding wheels. Aluminium in its own right is a material with a very low corrosive coefficient. There are generally very few problems suffered involving oxidation of the covers in standard use conditions.

Nevertheless, in conditions where there is salinity, humidity, extensive temperature variations or the mixture of the three previous ones to a greater or lesser extent, the outer part of the wheel should be protected.

Anodic corrosion is the most effective anti-corrosive protection on the market, thanks to the fact that this involves a defense method acting from the surface aluminium layer inwards. In the cases of Woorbel, this is a minimum of 15 microns. The sealing provided after the process guarantees the longevity of aluminium and prevents it from degrading.


While oxidation is one of the most common problems affecting metals, fortunately there are techniques and methods available to deal with this. The Corrotect® coating is one of the most effective solutions in this respect, thanks to the protection provided to the to the bearing rolling and sealing surfaces from oxidation, thanks to the application of a thin electrolytic coating.

It is also worth highlighting the prevention of corrosion in machined surfaces, chamfers and radiuses, as well as its penetration in the sealing systems, provided by the Corrotect® coating. This system protects the metal sheen and significantly increases its shelf life compared with noncoated surfaces. Furthermore, the application of Corrotect® technology allows the exchange between any same-sized bearings.

The Corrotect® coating has successfully passed the salt spray test, and has been certified with DIN EN ISO 9 227, ASTM B117 This test certifies its effectiveness against condensation, rainwater, excessively alkaline or acidic water or water containing high levels of salt.