Recommended bearing type for sliding systems with or without thermal bridge, but with highly reduced-sized panes and that require proper weight performance.

Product coding

Ref 1 31 X 1 2 W Z

Variable Description   Options
X Thermal Rupture 0
Without rupture
With rupture¹
Y Adjustment option 1 Adjustable, 3 mm
V Simple or tandem



W Corrotect®



Without Corrotect®

With Corrotect®

Z Anodised (colours)



Without anodising

With anodising

Certificate of resistance to corrosion in anodized bearings according to UNE-EN 1670:2007 and UNE-EN 1670:2007 / AC:2008. Classificationgrade 5 with an exposure of 480 hours in salt spray.

Technical features

  • Maximum weight per pane: 120 kg tandem options.
  • Profile dimensions to apply: Width L: From 15.9 a 25.3 mm without thermal rupture. From 21.9 a 27.3 mm with thermal rupture ¹. Height H: 14 mm minimum with wheel adjustment of 3 mm. 16 mm minimum with thermal rupture ¹ with wheel adjustment of 3 mm.
  • Tread: Special high-resistant extruded resins Available diameter 18 mm.
  • Bearing: High-quality needles. Option of Corrotect® anti-corrosion finish.
  • Bearing axis: 6 mm diameter stainless steel AISI 420 axis.
  • Track: Extruded aluminium alloy 6063T5. Anodising option.
  • Adjustment axes: Always tandem; 5 mm aluminium axis. Anodising option.
  • Adjustment screw: A2 DIN-916 M6 stainless steel screw.
  • Frame: 6063T5 extruded aluminium alloy. Thermal rupture option ¹. using plastic parts. Anodising option.
  • Anchoring system: Through A2 DIN-916 M6 x stainless steel stud. 10/16 mm.
  • Assembly: Option of wheels being removed without having to dismantle the pane itself.
  • ¹: Choice depending on the dimensions of the frame and the availability of plastic parts.