06 Jul, 2020

Multiple finishes and customisation

One of Woorbel's potentialities is their enormous capacity to carry out cutting-edge and high-quality finishes in each of their productions, as well as performing a fully customised final product.


Thereupon, Woorbel can also customise the product packaging according to customer needs and even mark the goods with codes or anagrams, depending on the project. Their wide range of colours and finishes gives the product an extra characterisation.

This great versatility drives the company to have extra competitiveness and to be a pioneer in a firm commitment to project design and singularity


The standard range of colours available in Woorbel consists of several groups with more than 150 colours. However, in order to provide unique projects for our customers, it is possible to create colours on demand.

In addition, Woorbel has its own lacquering department integrated into the process, which has given new capabilities to the company:

  • Lacquer guarantee with marine treatment: the plant has nine immersion pre-treatment tanks. This process ensures perfect cleaning of the aluminium and a perfect paint adhesion.
  • Continuous improvement of surface quality: thanks to GEMA, the latest technology for the application of powder coating, excellent results are guaranteed.
  • Exceptional flexibility in deliveries: substantial improvements in delivery times for lacquered profiles orders, as well as agile restocking.

The quality is guaranteed by the QUALICOAT seals, for lacquering, and EWA-EURAS, for anodising, which cosign our customization process.