02 Mar, 2020

Woorbel incorporates high-quality 3D technology

Woorbel is aware of the infinite diversity of customer needs and their projects in the different industrial sectors, and assumes the importance of being able to make prototypes or reduced outputs, with the aim of offering the most complete service possible for their customers.

Today, technology is advancing rapidly, providing agility, speed and new solutions, which just a few years ago were unthinkable. Thanks to this, there is the possibility of simplifying and transforming processes during design, engineering or manufacturing. All this allows to make prototypes to measure, short outputs or spare parts quickly and without increasing costs, processes that would be unthinkable with the traditional method.

 Woorbel, being aware of these advantages, has acquired and incorporated into their facilities the necessary machinery to cover these needs: a 3D printer with HP Multi Jet Fusion technology, which works offering high-quality results on highly complex objects with an accuracy of 80 microns, and which allows working with polyamide 12 (PA12), a highly resistant material.


Thanks to the incorporation of these technological advances, it is possible to increase efficiency, cover needs as much as possible and improve the final result of each project in detail.